Ticket auction Holaplex site link here

Ticket auction will begin on February 10th 2022, at 4pm GMT/UTC. Post auction we will circulate a booking service for the tarot readings on our Discord.

Tarot NFT

Cry Coin Tarot NFT is an occult NFT experience, where a person's fortunes are read using tarot cards. The reading takes place in the Cry Coin Discord. In conjunction with this tarot reading, you will receive a special Cry Coin Tarot Solana-chain NFT.

"The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards, each with its own imagery, symbolism and story. The 22 Major Arcana cards represent life's karmic and spiritual lessons, and the 56 Minor Arcana cards reflect the trials and tribulations that we experience on a daily basis."


We will give early-bird access through a special, rare, tarot reading ticket NFT. Top 20 holders of $CRYY will receive one ticket to a tarot reading for free. We will take a snapshot of wallets to determine these people. We will make a certain amount of tarot reading tickets available for purchase by Discord members (payment in $CRYY). The remaining tickets will be auctioned on Holaplex (link)

Each ticket holder will be able to schedule a tarot reading (more info will be released after the auction finishes) on our Discord, where the @Tarot Queen will read their fortunes.
They will need to send their NFT ticket to our main wallet:
During the reading (and according to their fortune and luck) they will receive a Tarot NFT that will be sent to their wallet.

These Tarot NFTs will, after early-bird access, become available on NFT secondary marketplaces where they can be bought and sold. Links to the marketplaces will be announced here and elsewhere.


Total NFTs: 606 tickets/cards
They are classed by rarity into Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.
The Minor Arcana splits into Common and Rare, while the Major Arcana splits into Epic and Legendary.
Roughly 50% of cards are Common, while Legendary cards are incredibly rare.
During the Tarot reading, the card you receive is random (so only your luck/fate decides).

Discord holders of Legendary cards will receive a role matching the card's name. Cards can be bought and sold and discussed on Discord under the channel: